Why You Need to Use Videos in Your Marketing Plan?

Video marketing is a must for most businesses.Video is a powerful medium that allows you to make a connection with your customer and tell your company story that can be viewed on all types of devices. You can tell your customers who you are, what you do and how you can help them.

People of all ages watch video and the numbers continue to grow at a very fast pace. Videos can be very entertaining and can get your message across in a very short period of time. Incorporating video marketing in your marketing strategy for your business is an effective way to reach your potential customers.

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Because video is accessible on all different types of devices like cell phones, iPads, tablets, social media platforms like Facebook and even on your website it is making video marketing for small businesses very attractive because your message appears everywhere which is available 24/7.

More and more people search online for business reviews before making a buying decision so what better way to get your message across with using videos.

Benefits of Video Marketing

You are more likely to watch a video then read, video is a better way to communicate with your potential customer, people watch video on all types of devices so you can get your business message across any time, consumers find videos helpful in making a purchase decision, videos give a positive impression of a company, video marketing can be a very inexpensive way to market your business.

Marketing Your Videos

Publishing your video on the video sharing websites is a great way to market your business. These video sharing sites have a loyal base of viewers which can turn into your customers. There is specific types of video sharing sites and publishing your videos on these types of sites can have a greater impact on your marketing.

Using Video Marketing To Convert Customers

There are many ways a small business can use video marketing to increase their online presence in the eyes of a potential customer and then convert them into paying customer.

1. A general marketing video will help promote your business 24/7
2. You can demonstrate a product or service
3. You can create video reviews from your positive feedback
4. You can be interviewed as an expert and then publish your video.
5. You turn an FAQ’s page into videos.
6. Create company videos from parties and special events.
7. Create how to videos explaining things.

There is many other ways you can promote your business using video but these are a few of the top ones.

The disadvantage when it comes to using video is it can take some time to create them. They should be professional design and have a message about your business, your products and services. Sure you can create videos with your mobile phones but videos you use for promoting your products and services should be professionally done.

Also it takes time to publish your videos to all the major video sharing sites. This is something you might want to think about hiring a video production company/video agency to make your video and if possible get them to publish for you.
If you have any questions about video production services for your business or publishing your video be sure to give us a call. We can help you out.

Forget Your SEO Build Your Reputation With Reputation Marketing

Building your online reputation is one of the best things you can do to help get more customers. What do you think happens when a potential client sees your ad in the local newspaper, finds your website in the local search results, see your paid ad in the PPC platforms like Google Adwords?

What do you think they do? They go online and look at your reputation. If you have a great reputation they most likely will pick up the phone and call you.

If you reputation sucks then there is not chance or a very slim one they will call you and want to do business with you.

There is a 70% chance if a potential customer sees your positive reviews they will pick up the phone and call you. There is a 60% chance they would recommend your services to a friend or family member.

Having a great online reputation helps build trust and now a days more and more people want to do business with people and businesses they trust.

There is several ways you can build trust.

1. Promote your online reviews using video. People love videos so if they find a review about your business in video format there is a better chance they will watch it and call your business.

2. Get interviewed as an expert. You can then take this interview and publish it as text on your website and on your web 2.0 properties. Better yet you can get interviewed using video and then take the video and shared on the top video sharing sites and then get the audio transcribed into text and then publish it on your web 2.0 properties, the online directories and your website.

3. Get your customers to leave reviews about your business online. This can be a challenging thing but if done properly your customers can leave a review shortly after they purchase your product or service.

You can use software designed to contact your existing list of customers and ask them to leave you a review. This can be extremely time consuming but it can be done. Another alternative you have is to use specially designed review software that is designed only for contacting customers to the leave reviews.

The more positive reviews you have online the more these are changes are going to love your website.

When people find these positive reviews they will share your information and visit your website so the search engines call this a social share which is the future in website marketing. This is the future of SEO, people sharing your information in the social networks and then visiting your website.

Having a positive online reviews is one of the best ways to build trust with your customers and you will be seen as an expert. Nowadays more and more people want to deal with businesses that have a positive reputation. No matter where you advertise people are going to research your business looking for positive reviews so be sure to include reputation marketing in your marketing budget.

2016 Online Marketing Recommendations

I recently had a client asked me what was the best way to succeed with your online marketing in 2016. Learning from the past, Google now relies on social signals. What this means is if you publish one of your posts on your Facebook page and someone clicks on the link this is classified as a social signal.

There is tons web 2.0 websites on the Internet so it doesn’t have to be just Facebook. Other properties could include Twitter, Diigo, Delicious, Google + etc. When someone finds your information on one of these sites and then clicks on your link this is classified as a social signal.

Also if someone finds your post on one of these web properties and shares your post with their friends this is also classified as a social share.

This not only counts as a social share but if your posts gets shared amongst other friends and gets posted on other accounts this also creates as a possible backlink.

So my quick answer to succeeding with online marketing in 2016 and beyond is:

1. Have a properly built website that is search engine friendly. This is like the foundation of your home. If built properly the search engines can and will understand what your site is about and rank it accordingly.

2. Post/publish related information on your website. With Google’s new semantic search trust is a huge factor. If you can provide high quality content this builds trust.

3. Syndicate your content to all these web 2.0 properties. People don’t rely on Google for information they search on multiple social media sites to. So having your information on these sites people can find it.

4. Submit your RSS feeds to the major RSS directories. This will help your content get published across the web.

5. Publish a press release announcing some of your services. This is a practice that has been going on forever. These press releases should have a link pointing back to your website so this will help your SEO

6. Build your reputation. More and more people look for reviews and your reputation about your business. More and more people search online before buying a product or service so if you have a five star reputation there is a greater chance they will become customers of yours.

7. Build your marketing funnel. If someone comes into your shop or visit your website there should be a way for you to get their contact information. This way you can market to them over and over.

8. Share and market all your web 2.0 properties.

I hope this helps. SEO is not like the past where you can just build backlinks to your site. Google now looks for social signals that are about your business and brand. Sure back links do have a part in website SEO marketing but they are becoming less and less important. Social signals are becoming more important in 2016 and in the future.