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Implementing our 3 step marketing system will have your phone ringing off the hook and your calendar fully booked in no time all on autopilot with every little work on your part.
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Hi there, my name is Scott Gray. I help local businesses build automated lead generation machines and follow-up systems all on autopilot so you get more customers who come back and buy from you over and over again.

When you think about it marketing your business is very simple. The problem is people over complicate it. You need to follow a system that is measurable and you need to do it over and over again. One reason you need to track the results is if it is not working you need to change what you are doing. Not all marketing is effective. It might be very simple but if it is not very effective there is no point in doing it.

We have created a simple four-step process when it comes time to getting more customers and repeat sales for your business on the Internet. The first thing would be to:

1. Start Building Your List. This is one of the most important things and it is overlooked by most businesses. If you have your clients contact information you can build a relationship. The stronger the relationship the more opportunity there is for you to market to them over and over. They will come back and spend more money with you.

2. Pay for Traffic. Paying for traffic is a great way to start getting business with a short amount of time. For instance applying for a Google Adwords account your ads can be up and running in no time. Within hours you could be advertising your business.

3. Build Your Online Reputation: building your online reputation is a great way to start building trust and authority for your business. More and more people search for business reviews before making a buying decision. If a potential customer types into the search engines looking for your business they should see all your five Star reviews and citations across all the major directories.

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What Are Clients Our Saying

Scott Gray at Solutions Web Consulting in Delta, BC offers some very good solutions for businesses looking to build their online visibility and get new customers. Not only does he deliver great products, he is also great at follow up, making sure everything is working properly, sharing his knowledge and to ensure total satisfaction. Thx for your help Scott!​
Dave Ouellette
Business Owner
SWC did an excellent job creating a marketing blueprint for our local business. We decided to get them to implement the plan and now have started to see lots of results. It feels great not having to worry about our online marketing. We can now focus on running our business. Thanks for you help.​
Jack Bibie

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Done For You

We know you are busy. Let our done for you services help you get the results you want. That’s why we’ve developed our proven 3-step done-for-you marketing system to help you attract more new patients and grow your practice.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways to make money and grow your business. Tons and tons of people use email everyday so if you are not using email to stay in contact with your customers you our wasting a lot of money. Let our email services help you grow your business and make you a ton of money.

Automated Marketing Funnels

Implementing automated marketing funnels is a great way to nurture your clients until they are ready to buy. If you want to stay in front of your customers so they don’t forget you be sure to book a 15 minute complementary call.

Coaching Program

Our coaching program is great for any business that wants to do it themselves but needs a little push and accountability. We will formulate a blueprint that you can follow and we will keep you accountable.

Build Traffic

Paying for traffic is a great way to start getting new clients and growing your business. Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is targeted traffic from the Internet from people looking for your products and services. Our pay per click services will have your phone ringing in no time.

Online Reputation/Branding

Building your online reputation is a must in today’s online world. More and more people search for five Star reviews before making a buying decision so you need to have a great online reputation or else your customers are going to go to the competition. Call us today for a free 15 minute consultation.

Put Your Mind At Ease With Our 3 Step System

#1 Build Your List

Building your list is one of the most important and overlooked ways of making money and growing your business now and for the long term.

#2 Traffic

Paying for traffic (PPC) is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways of advertising your business online. Within a few hours you can start advertising your business. Not only that pay for traffic is measurable and can be adjusted for better results.

#3 Build Your Online Reputation

Having a great online reputation is a must in today's online world. More and more people search for online reviews before making a buying decision so you must have a greater 5 Star reputation.

Every day you wait costs you time, money, and patients going to your competition!

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With the constant changing world of online marketing it can be very challenging and very time-consuming to keep up with all the changes and what is going on.
Our dedicated team stays up-to-date on all the latest trends, tactics and strategies to keep your business on top so you don’t have to. We want to help you create the freedom and success you deserve.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to clear the confusion when it comes to online marketing and make it easy to understandable so business owners can make a lot of money, you get more sales, and grow their business.