Automated Email Marketing Packages – Save Time, Grow Your Business and Make More Sales

Setting up and implementing automated email marketing packages is a great way to grow your business and make more sales. If set up properly your email campaigns will run on autopilot saving you tons of time and making you lots of money.

There are many different types of email marketing packages. One of the most important things for selecting the right package is to know the goals. Different packages do many different things but all packages keep you in front of your customers in some form or another.

A long story short the bottom line is staying in contact with your customers so you make more sales and make more money. These email-marketing packages must be set up properly and used at different times during the buying cycle. Emailing your customers regularly allows your business not be forgotten which helps create lots of repeat sales now and over a long period of time.

One set up properly these campaigns should run on autopilot without any extra work from you. You will be able to stay in contact with your customers on a regular basis, building trust and authority within their eyes. The more they trust you the better chance they are going to come back and spend more money with you. They say the money is in the follow-up so if you can stay in contact with them they won’t forget you.

One of the most important things when it comes time to choosing an email package is what your goals are. Do you want to generate sales, do you want to stay in contact with your customer, do you want to create an ignition campaigns to stimulate your past customers to buy from you again. How about all of the above?

There are many types of email marketing packages available but you need to know what your goals are.

Setting up the right campaign takes time and knowledge. You should think about hiring a professional email marketing company to do it for you. Not only is setting up the campaign time-consuming but reviewing the stats to see what is working and what is not should be discussed with your professional.

If the campaigns are not working properly they should be adjusted to achieve maximum results and sales.

There are many types of email marketing packages but the first thing you should ask yourself is: how am I going to collect my customers information. With no email addresses it doesn’t matter what package you choose you won’t be able to email anyone.

You can do it manually but this will take forever. There are lots of opportunities for mistakes especially if when you are writing it by hand or if your customer is doing it for you. Also it takes a lot of time and it creates extra work.

There are many excellent time-saving automated software programs available. They are really simple to use. You get your customers to add their contact information and it automatically adds the details to your database. This saves time and money and the learning curve is very low.

Hand your customers a tablet or a mobile phone and they can add their contact information. Name, email, phone number and whatever types of information you want to collect. Once done, it gets added to your database automatically which you can then start emailing them. How easy is that? The secret is it must be set up properly?

There are several different types of email marketing packages available. Some of them are: a getting started package. This is where you take your existing contacts and start emailing them. Another package would be a sales package where you would start emailing your past customers with an offer. After that you might want to send a thank you package thanking your customers for doing business with you and if there is any problems.

Another package would be an ignition package. This package would help ignite old customers to get them to come back and buy from you again. Another long-term package would be a follow-up campaign where you provide helpful information over time. This way you stay in front of your customers and the emails remind them who you are and if they have a problem they are going to call you.

There are lots of email marketing packages available. Some of the most popular ones are: the first package we start with is the getting started package, thank you, sales, nurturing and follow-up. For long-term success you should use them all in conjunction with each other.

One set up properly these marketing packages should run on autopilot. When a customer gets added to your email database these automated email should be emailed on a regular and timely basis.

To save time and to prevent any future problems these email marketing packages should be set up by a professional email marketing company.

Getting Started Package:

With the getting started package the first thing you can do is start sorting through your past customers (if you have their contact information) email addresses.

If you don’t have their contact information should seriously think about collecting the information of any new customers. If they buy from you once there is a good chance they will buy from you again. The hardest part is getting new customer. You should think about staying in contact with them so they buy from you over and over again.

If you provide a great service this is a no-brainer. They will eventually need your services again and if you are staying in contact with them providing helpful and useful information using email and they have a problem they are going to call you.

Thank You Packages

There are many different types of campaigns/packages for instance a thank you campaign. If someone buys a product from you might want to think about sending a thank you campaign.

After someone purchases from you they would receive several emails thanking them for their purchase and if there is any problems to contact the owner. If you share the owners phone number how powerful is this.

You would be one of the very few business owners doing this and how powerful is this. Do you think they would come back and buy from you again? Absolutely!

Sales Package

Other packages available are a sales package. This is where your customers are emailed an offer with a deadline. The package like this helps stimulate sales because of the deadline. People must purchase the offer before a certain time creating urgency. With the urgency and a deadline people have something to lose so most time if the offer is irresistible people will take advantage of it.

The offer has to be irresistible and hard to say no to or else people won’t take you up on it. Also having a deadline gives the offer more power because if they don’t take advantage of it they will lose out. Other ways to make it more powerful is to send them emails reminding them of the deadline. Something like “hi Bob, just letting you know the 2 for-1 (two-for-one) dinner expires at the end of the month. Be sure to get your free dinner before it’s too late”

Nurturing Package

A nurture a funnel allows you to nurture your customers. This allows you to stay in front of them (so they don’t forget who you are) over a short period of time so they come back and buy from you over again. There is usually irresistible offers associated with the nurture emails so customers have a hard time saying no and will eventually buy something from you.

Follow Up Email Marketing Package

A follow-up package allows you to stay in contact with your customers for a very long period of time. They might not have bought from you but have signed up for one of your offers. This package allows you to send them helpful information, ask them to join one of your programs, some product special etc. These emails continue until they are ready to buy.

These follow up packages are like planting a seed. If you can water your seeds and do the odd maintenance like pulling weeds and maybe a little fertilizer your seeds will grow up to be a full grown plant. If you can stay in contact with your potential customer over time they might buy from you.

Are many types of email marketing campaigns. They all have a purpose but the bottom line is to help your business stay in front of your customer so they come back and buy from you over and over again. Some of the most popular packages are:

  • getting started
  • get more sales package
  • follow-up
  • thank you
  • nurture packages

If you have any questions or concerns about setting up a package for your business be sure to book a free 15 minute consultation or leave a comment below.