5 Reasons Your Web Design Should Be At The Top Of Your Priority List

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Many business owners don’t believe their local web design is a big deal. As long as you’ve got a working website, that should be enough, right? Wrong! Your website does far much more than ensure your business information can be found online, and your web design entails much more than simple aesthetics.

Studies reveal that a well-built website will actually generate customer traffic, while a good user interface will increase conversion. But how? Here’s 5 ways how a good website design affects your business:

1. It builds trust

Studies show that visitor trust decreases as the usability of a website declines. When customers visit your site, they have certain expectations about what kind of experience they should have. If your website meets these expectations, a good impression of your business is formed. Naturally, they will also expect that their expectations of your products or services will also meet their expectations, and they are more likely to buy your products or services.

2. It solves your visitors’ problems

When customers visit your website, they are usually doing so to get some information about your business or what you’re selling. Research shows that lack of information is one of the biggest hindrances to a good user experience.

Your web design will affect the ease of navigation, which has to do with how easy it is to travel throughout the website. This in turn dictates how easily a visitor can find the information he or she is looking for.

3. It supports your brand image

When your website is well designed, it encourages visitors to spend more time on your virtual space. This means they are exposed to your brand logo longer and will build positive associations with your brand.

This is very important as it influences their willingness to buy your products or services, as well as their chances of recommending your business to family and friends. It is worth noting that influencers are 18% more likely to share, follow or comment after interacting with a site that is highly usable.

4. It allows for effective advertising

A great web design allows visitors to find what they are looking for while providing opportunities to advertise without getting in their way.

5. It allows customers to interact with your business

When visiting a website, the average person will try to get what they need for 60 seconds before they give up. This means that if a visitor is unable to get what they need within one minute of your website loading, they will probably have moved on to your competitors.

In contrast, the faster they are able to find what they need, the longer they would be willing to have a look at what else you have to offer. This increases the chances of additional business.

Helpful tip: Placing your most important business information strategically, such as on the upper left hand column, helps get your message across more effectively and also improves your SEO.