4 Huge Benefits Video Marketing Offers Your Business

Despite their growing popularity of video marketing, a lot of people still view it as an expensive form of marketing that is best left to the big brands with millions of dollars worth in marketing budgets. Nothing could be further from the truth, because even with a tight budget, you can still make the most of video marketing.

Thanks to mobile devices, people can watch videos anywhere at any time, creating a huge potential market. Additionally, the positive results you will gain will more than offset any costs that it may incur.

Here are 4 video marketing benefits proving why you should include it in your brand building efforts:

1. Videos allow you to get and hold people’s attention

More than 64% of internet users would rather watch videos than read text, and this is set to reach 80% within the next three years. In addition to being more appealing, videos allow you to use less of the viewers time to get your message across.

In other words, you would have greater luck getting potential customers to watch a full 3-minute video than read text with the same message that would take them almost double the time to read. It is also worth noting that email open rates increase by 19% when the word ‘video’ appears on the subject line.

2. Videos allow you to create a more memorable impression than text

Videos allow you to communicate your very important message while entertaining your viewers, which is what the most effective video ads do. Using text to do this will likely require a longer piece, decreasing the likelihood of your viewers reading through it. Additionally, viewers are far more likely to remember a video they watched than a written piece they read.

You also get the chance to give your brand a human touch through direct personal messages, something that will help build your reputation and customer trust. Keep in mind that more people today will recommend a company after watching their video.

3. Videos are actually quite affordable

Contrary to what many assume, video marketing need not be time-consuming, expensive or complicated. At its simplest, you can actually use your smartphone or a budget camcorder to create something that will capture your audience’s attention.
Cheap lighting and some help from a video editor to give it a professional touch should not cost much, and you gain all the benefits of video marketing that big brands enjoy.

4. Videos improve your SEO

Simply put, Google loves videos. Posting videos on your site is a great way to increase your search ranking. In fact, research from Forester showed that when there’s a video on your web page, it is 53 times more likely to appear on the first Google results page.

Helpful tip: It’s advisable to have a couple of videos on your site. However, ensure that each video offers some value to your viewers and is not just promotional. Teach them something new or entertain them for the best result.

Any business set to succeed in this day and age cannot afford to neglect the need for video marketing and its benefits. Smart business people are not asking whether they should use video marketing; they’re asking how they should use it.