Digital Marketing Consulting Services in Vancouver BC

internet marketing consultant vancouver bcWe are a digital marketing consultancy agency located in Vancouver BC Canada. Vancouver is a city in Canada with a population of more than 603,000 people. It comprises communities like Marpole, Oakridge, Point Grey, Kitsilano, Yaletown among others.

The city also is regarded as one of the most populated in Canada. Thus the high population provides a bigger market for the commercial business in this region.

The population is tech-savvy, and hence they have fully adopted the concept of online shopping. It is, therefore, necessary for the commercial business to embrace digital marketing to increase their access to this online population.

As a consulting agency focused on helping local businesses with their digital marketing. Our consulting services will formulate a plan for you to implement or one of your staff members. This plan will help increase your online visibility and get your phone to start ringing because customers will be finding your business across the Internet.

Other services we provide are social media marketing, email marketing, website building, and business listing to those companies that would like to outsource these services. We have both the technical capability and experience to get the job done. Other than consulting some of the services we provide are:

Web design – creating a website that sells

Digital marketing has become a trend across the city of Vancouver and across the globe; a company cannot compete favorably if it doesn’t conform to the technological changes. The starting point of a company venturing into digital marketing is to create a website that sells. This will enhance visibility online through search engine optimization. Customers looking for similar products or services will be able to locate your business efficiently.

As a digital marketing consultant, we will create for you a customer friendly website that will take your business selling to a higher level. We will optimize the website by including relevant information about your location, contact details and what your business is about.

For your website you need to include the services you provide and the area in which you service. If you have any questions about our SEO consulting services be sure to fill out our discovery form.

Besides the necessary information, we will provide a product description of your products and services. Your website should have shorts videos demonstrating how the products are used and then be posted to online video sharing platforms like YouTube.

Your website will also be easily accessible on mobile phones as well as all the other digital devices. A website will generate the necessary traffic into your business and consequently increase the sales volume.

Having a website gives your customers 24/7 access to your business, they can easily find more information, place orders and make payments through electronic means without the need to be physically present in your store.

Email marketing

Email marketing has revolutionized the marketing industry. The company can electronically generate commercial emails and send them automatically to potential customers to pitch for more sales. The emails are designed with a call to action button at the end which customers can click and be redirected to the website for further information.

Some email marketing tips for small businesses include it doesn’t require specialized training to the employees. It is a great thing to outsource because it takes a lot of time to set up but it can be done in-house. You should think about hiring an expert so you can focus on running your business and not email marketing.

Your business can also use emails to maintain a long-lasting relationship with existing customers. You can send them promotional information, invite them to participate in the prize-winning the competition and even inform them about the changes in the business.

You can also ask them to leave a review.

Website reviews

Customers have become ethical; they are now sensitive about the kind of products they purchase and more importantly from which company. Before they decide to buy they conducting market surveys, research for information about the products and the companies that provide them.

Some of the information they look at is the reviews given by other buyers about the company. Therefore, the ratings that customers give your business matters. For example, a 5 Star review will do wonders for you. We provide for the necessary online tools to help you manage and satisfy your customer needs. It is only a satisfied customer who will give an excellent review and come back and spend more money with you.

Social media marketing

Social media can break or build your business depending on how you use it, and how you engage your customers. People are now able to access information quickly and the information can now spread to many people within a short time courtesy of social media. Nowadays people live with the world literary in their hands.

As a digital marketing consultancy in Vancouver, we will hold your hand into social media marketing. We will assist you to create your company profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even Snapchat. We will train you how to engage your customers, what kind of in formations should you post and more importantly how to generate sales leads using social media.

The posts on the sites will include a call to action button and links to your website. Your potential clients will also have the option to share your posts, like and comment whenever necessary.

Citation services.

The first impression to customers is all that matters in business. Your business needs to make a good first impression across all of the major online directories. This should include your business name, address and phone number. Thousands and thousands of people use these online platforms so you have your business name displaying correctly for a proper citation.

You don’t get second and third chance to impress the customer, because many don’t have that time. Customers are attracted by the design of the website, language of communication, how they are treated at first encounter and how you present your products to them.

We will list you’re your business in the online directories available in Vancouver and Google Maps and your Google My Business page. This will enable to make an entry into the digital space. We will also design citations that are impressive to customers, authentic and unique. The call to action button will come handy in directing them to your website.

Google My Business Page

Making your business visible on the internet will go a long way in enhancing the success of your marketing strategy. Having a stronger online presence increases your ranking on the search engines. Customers will prefer to choose sites that come first on the search engines.

As a marketing agency, we will manage yours Google My Business (GMB) page regularly to enable your business to stay relevant with current information.

As an agency, we have developed a three-step process for growing your business marketing strategy online. First, developing a good online reputation. The reputation of an organization is key to its success online. A bad reputation will destroy your business while an excellent reputation will create a good relationship with customers and provide a favorable business environment.

It doesn’t matter what kind of advertising you do. If you have a poor online reputation people are not going to do business with you. Improving your online reputation is mandatory in today’s online world where people are connected all the time.

To help you create a good reputation, we will do media monitoring for you. We will review posts by online users about your company and products. For instance Facebook posts, YouTube videos, customer’s reviews and blogs. We will then advice you accordingly on how well your business is doing online.

The second step is creating traffic to your website. The number of people visiting your site on a daily basis dramatically determines your sales volume. High traffic implies more sales and vice versa. We will use tools like email marketing, business listing, social media posts, and Google Ads. All will have a call to action button that prompts customers to either give you a call, visit your website, send you an email or leave their details for you get back to them.

The third step involves building your list. We will work with you to create and offer you can use to capture the contact information from potential customers that visit your website. This will help your business in keeping in touch with them and prompt further transaction.

Building a list will give you the opportunity to market to your customers over and over again. Once they buy once there is a good chance they will buy again so having an qualified email list is a huge asset for your business. This also improves the value of your business so if you are planning on selling in the future building an email list is something you should think about.

In conclusion, digital marketing provides a local business in Vancouver with a bright future; is set to change the way companies do their marketing. Therefore this is an outstanding opportunity to adopt. We are a very competent marketing agency regarding human resources, expertise, and even experience.

We can make the get the job done and increase your business profitability exponentially. If you are looking for a marketing agency in Vancouver or a digital marketing consulting company, look no further, we have your interests at heart.

If you have any questions about your digital marketing be sure to give us a call or book a discovery call using our discovery form which you can find it here.

Be sure to check out our other city Surrey BC for all your digital marketing consulting.