Digital Marketing Consulting Services in Richmond BC

digital marketing consultant in richmond bc

Our digital marketing consultancy agency operates in Richmond BC (British Columbia). Richmond is a city that is part of Metro Vancouver Canada.

Richmond has an estimated population of 218,307 in 2017 and is south of Vancouver and is growing rapidly so is the commercial and local businesses. With the growth in commercial and local businesses the need for online marketing is a must. More and more people search online for businesses so if business owners are not actively marketing their business online they are getting left behind very quickly and loosing out on getting new business.

There are many communities in Richmond like Steveston, Mitchell Island, and Burkeville. The population in these communities provides local businesses with a large market for their products and services. Businesses that have not implemented a digital marketing strategy must embrace it to access the online market.

As an online consulting agency, we provide digital marketing services. We work with local businesses and formulate a marketing plan that will help businesses get more customers. Businesses can use this plan and do it themselves or use one of their employees in their office to do.

Alternately they can hire us using our done for you marketing services. This allows the business owner to focus on running their business and not worry about marketing.

Other services we provide are SEO consulting (search engine optimization), social media marketing, helping businesses get more website reviews, website building, citation services and listing your business in the local business directories. We also help businesses build a list of clients. Some of the services we provide are:

Website design – building a website that sells.

The use of a website in digital marketing is almost immeasurable. It is the most significant step when a company wants to venture into digital marketing. Optimization of the site ensures that it is visible on search engines. Majority of the people in Richmond BC are moving away from the conventional method of making purchases to online buying.

We will create for you a user-friendly website that is compatible on mobile phones and electronic devices. Your site will contain your business details like location, contact details, description of products and services offered. The site will be easy to understand and navigate through the various pages and features. Your customers will be able to access your business 24/7 – 365 days a year .

If you have an offer like a coupon or an electronic booking calendar your customers or clients can book an appointment or sign up for your offer which makes your website is a money making even at 3 AM in the morning.

Email marketing – a money making machine

With the developments in the digital email marketing business can now send promotional messages electronically to both existing and potential customers. This has the potential of generating more sales and getting more leads from the emails sent out.

Our email marketing services will help you stay in contact with your existing and potential new clients. If you provide an offer on your website visitors can’t refuse visitors will enter their name and email to get the offer. Once you have their contact information you can market to them using email marketing over and over again. Once in place this can be automated saving the business owner time and then making money with a push of the button or using automation.

If you have a question about using email marketing be sure to use our email consulting services by booking a discovery call here:

Website reviews – More 5 Star reviews the more money

Your company website must have a section to give feedback, reviews, and rating for your products and services. Currently, buyers have access to more information than ever before. Many understand what their needs are and website reviews are the list of factors to consider when shopping online.

More and more people search online for business reviews for local businesses before making a buying decision so getting more reviews is a must for any business wanting to succeed online.

Social media marketing

Social media has provided commercial businesses with an opportunity to access a broader market. It holds the potential to grow the company’s sales revenue exponentially. Majority of the people in Richmond BC have adopted the use of social media.

With the ever-growing popularity of cell phones social media is only a finger a way. People are able to socialize and entertain themselves but also source for products and services online.

As a digital marketing consultant, we will create for a Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram and Snapchat accounts that portray your business. Customers can then like or follow to get regular updates on product offers, new products and services. They can react to your post by liking, commenting or sharing. The social media posts will also provide links to your website that customers click on to access your site and then give you a call.

Citation services

Thousands and thousands of people search these online directories daily so it is a must for any local business that wants to get more business. Getting your business listed with your name, address and your phone number is a great way to get a citation. The more of these you get across the Internet the more powerful your online presence becomes.

This is a great way to make a first impression and get people visiting your website hoping to book an appointment, sign up for your offer or give you a call.

Google My Business Page

Our consultancy agency will help you create a Google My Page profile that is appealing and contains authentic information promoting your business. Whereby when an online user is searching for your business they will be able to find it from your GMB Google My Business page.

As a digital marketing consultant in Richmond BC, we adopted a three-stage procedure to market your business online.

First,create an excellent online reputation. More and more people search online for business reviews so not having a 5 Star reputation is going to hurt your overall sales.

Second, the creation of traffic to your websites. More traffic from email marking, Google ads, SEO, and Facebook posts increase the number of sales leads that end in a purchase transaction.

Finally, we build you a list of customers for your company. There are many customers in Richmond, Steveston, Mitchell Island, and Burkeville that you can ever imagine. But still, its possible to maintain a record of them electronically. The list should have their names, contact details and email address. The list will help to keep track of your customers and also help you keep in touch with them.

In conclusion, for a company to survive in this era of technological advancement, it must adopt digital marketing. The strategy will foster growth and access to a broader market. The city of Richmond has many companies that offer digital marketing consultancy services, but there is none comparable to us.

We have the experts and resources to help you achieve your desired results using online marketing. If you have any questions be sure to give us a call or book a discovery call us found on this page.

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