Here is Your Copy Of “The Local Customer Connection”

Hi it’s Scott Gray here.

Here is your copy of the 54-page handbook; The Local Customer Connection. Also if you are interested in the audio version you can find it here: TLCC Audio.

I wanted to take a few moments and start a discussion with you. Let me say that I’m pleased you’re taking this step to join us, and I truly believe that the information you find within the handbook, will be of great value.

As a businessperson myself, I understand that the pressures of running a business can weigh heavily, generating new business, keeping the lights on and making sure there’s enough money to pay yourself at the end of the month after all the bills are paid.

These are all part of doing business. It is up to you to jump through the hoops and meet the demands of your customers. This requires an entrepreneurial spirit. However, taking this step, I can see that you are serious about your business and because of that, I want to do what I can to help you.

One of the biggest concerns for any business owner is the need for new customers and increased revenues.

For decades, most small businesses relied on the Yellow Pages® or local newspapers as their top choice for promotional opportunities. While these methods certainly got the word out to local consumers, the option was reasonably expensive, but businesses could count on them to produce results.

This is no longer the case. The growth of the Internet has MASSIVELY shifted the eyeballs away from the Yellow Pages and newspaper. The readership of these publications have fallen off of the proverbial cliff.

These changes have caused a MAJOR problem for many business owners who are now forced to change their promotional strategies. The Internet, as wonderful as it is, has been very problematic for business owners.

While you can promote your business online, there is also more competition and because the ways in which companies can promote themselves online continues to evolve, it difficult to keep up with the constant changes.

Then to top it off, any customer can say anything they want on review and rating sites. You may be receiving calls from telemarketers promising you top Google rankings, Internet success, if you’ll just give them your credit card, while making it sound like you have done something wrong.

Don’t worry, you haven’t!

If you are not getting the customers that your company deserves, know that it’s not your fault, it’s the nature of the Internet and the constant changes that continue to take place as marketers and advertisers tries to keep up.

Let’s face it though adaptation and perseverance have always been the backbone of every business. What other option do you have?

Gone are the days of calling up the local Yellow Pages® or newspaper and have them work up an ad for you that would perform reasonably well. The power to promote yourself is now in your own hands. The good news is you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get started attracting new customers to your business.

Just like the users of these publications that have shifted from the traditional publication to the Internet, it’s time to embrace this medium for marketing and make it work for you. It’s time to learn about online marketing, what works, and what doesn’t.

This guide is your best first step, use it well and prosper.

I know that you can do this.

Warm Regards,
Scott Gray