Google Dictating Tool Review

I came across this great tool today. It’s a dictation tool offered by Google.

It’s apparently similar to Dragon Naturally Speaking. I don’t know how new it is, but I came across it today, so I thought I’d just create this video. I used Dragon all the time and it saves me tons of time, but it’s expensive, so if you’re into trying the Google dictating log into Google Drive using Chrome browser, and on the top here you can see add-ons.

You need to configure it to your city or your country and language and the commands.

One thing I learned from using Dragon Naturally Speaking is to have, or invest in a good microphone.

Another thing is to speak slow and clear so Dragon can understand what you are saying.

So far so good, I think it is a little slow, but we’ll keep trying and see what happens.

So I’m not sure, it seems all right, but seems a little slow actually but you never know.

Try it out and give it a shot, it might save you some time.

I hope this helps

Have a great day.