Keyword Stuffing Video

Hi! It’s Scott here from Solutions Web Consulting. Got a call today from a guy, a remodeling contractor in Ladner, B.C., and he was concerned about keyword usage and keyword stuffing. So what I thought I’d do is create a quick video and show you an example of what not to do.

I came across this plumber’s site and it has to be one of the worst cases of keyword stuffing that I’ve seen. What the guy has done here is: he’s a plumber in Vancouver, and these are all cities inside or in the surrounding areas of Vancouver.

He’s even gone to the point of using communities inside the cities. So if you look at Richmond, Broadmoor, and Sea Island, these are all little communities inside of Richmond.

So what I would suggest to do here is to remove all these keywords from the footer. All these keywords were in the footer of the site and then remove all these keywords. I would then write an article for every city.

So taking Richmond as an example, you could write an article about the city of Richmond, and because Broadmoor, Sea Island, Burkeville, Brighouse, Seafair, Steveston, South Arm are all communities inside of Richmond you could mention these communities and then have a call to action, talking about your plumbing service or your remodeling service or whatever business you’re in and have a call to action to call you.

This way, in the eyes of Google, your Richmond BC article could actually and it should actually rank for the smaller communities inside of the main city.

Setting up your site and stuffing keywords like this might work for a while, but long-term, Google is going to see this and penalize your site. You might never get any traffic depending on how hard they penalize your site.

I hope this helps. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. If you have a question about your website, be sure to use our contact us form on our website and send us your questions. We would be glad to answer them for you. Until next time. I hope this helps.