Online Reputation Management Consultant Vancouver BC

I get this question asked all the time, how does a local business build their online reputation and then leverage this power to get more customers?

It can be kind of complicated, but if you have the right system it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Here is a few tips to help improve your online reputation.

Tip #1: ask customers or your patients about their experience. If you provide a five star experience then your customers won’t have a problem leaving a review.

Tip #2: have a feedback page you can email your customers or patients. Having a feedback page you can email is a great way to get reviews. Not only that, if there is a problem you are able to find out right away and deal with it before it gets too late.

Tip #3: create a thank you follow up system. If you can stay in contact with your customers with a follow up system there is a great chance they will leave a review they buy your product or service.

I hope these tips help.