Why pay attention to your online reputation?

why you need reputation marketingA few tips on why you need to take care of your online reputation including monitoring, managing and marketing.

I had a client today call me and ask about their online reputation. They have been spending tons of money advertising and not seeing any return on their investment (ROI).
They said they have been spending lots of money on Google Adwords, Facebook marketing and in their local newspaper. They have even updated their website and hired a local writer to start writing content focused on their products and services.

I said to them this is great but what does your online reputation look like? I did a search for them and then realized their reputation sucked. They had lots of bad reviews and even had a few websites with a 1 Star.

I gave them a few tips on how to get started repairing their reputation but I also said this takes time and you need to monitor and market your reputation.

More and more people search online before making a buying decision so monitoring and marketing your reputation is a must. If you get one bad review this can have your potential client or customer going to your competition.

In today’s online world you must take your reputation serious. If you don’t you are putting your business at risk. Not only that if you monitor your reputation and for some reason there is a bad review then you will be notified right away and have time to respond to it before any new customers see them.

Every business is going to have bad reviews but if you respond correctly you can turn a negative review into a positive preventing any more things happening. If you see a Beta review you can change your working practices so it doesn’t happen again.

I hope this helps if you have any questions about your reputation or online marketing be sure to give us a call or use the contact us form on the site.