Why Do You Need to Capture Your Customers’ Information?

why having a database is a great marketing tool

If you consider your company’s marketing capabilities important, then customer data must be a priority. Without it, your marketing efforts may not be as effective as you might imagine. Capturing information about your customers is not difficult, and there are many tools to make the process a lot easier. If you have your customer’s contact info you can make yourself a ton of money.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to capture your customers’ contact information:

  1. Know your customer

In order to be successful as a business, you need to know your customers so well that you can predict what they want and provide it even before they ask. Database marketing, for instance, is only possible when you have an accurate history of their purchase history.

  1. You can offer personalized service and communication

Capturing customer information allows you to know who they are, when and how they purchase products. This can be used to design personalized communication and services that will make your customers feel valued. As a result, your efforts will better match their expectations, which will encourage customer loyalty.

  1. You can market to them

Existing customers are more likely to respond positively to direct marketing efforts, particularly when they have had a positive experience with your company. Email marketing is especially effective when you have already built a solid relationship with your customers. This also means that they will be more willing to make future purchases from your company.

  1. You can build customer segments

Obtaining your customer’s information also allows you to learn their purchase habits – what, when and how often they buy. With such information, you can build segments of customers with similar behavior and then design targeted marketing for them. For instance, you can determine which of your customers to offer incentives to as well as those willing to pay full price for your products or services.

Additionally, having their contact information allows you to easily follow and track one-time customers and convert them into loyal customers.

  1. You can maximize profits

You’re in business to make money, and having your customers’ information helps you do just that. It’s now common knowledge that making money off existing customers is much easier and profitable than from new customers. Generating business from new customers is expensive, which is why your existing pool of customers is your best bet at keeping your business afloat. Customer retention strategies such as email marketing are much easier, cheaper and effective.

Helpful tip: Be careful about asking for too much data from your customers, particularly when they are not making a purchase; this could alienate them. As a rule, ask for no more than three pieces of information at a time, and then aim to gather more during future interactions.

The goal of capturing customer information is to ensure your customers keep coming back to you. By identifying opportunities for continuity and using the information strategically, you can keep them reigned in for years to come.

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