Build Email List Using Contests or Giveaways

Using email marketing is one of the most powerful ways you can build your business, get more sales and make lots of money. Staying in contact with your customers using email will have them coming back to buy from you over and over again. If you can build an email list using contests is a great way to exponentially grow you list.

More and more people love contests so it has the power to get you a lot of new customers. Also if your contest is of massive perceived value your leads will be high targeted than usual making them a better customer to do business with you in the future.

There are many different ways you can build your list but using contests is a great way. Most times (if done properly) your contest can become viral and be shared across the Internet including many social media properties like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and YouTube.

One of the things that makes your contest more powerful is what are you giving away. It has to be extremely valuable so your potential customer can’t say no. Your giveaway should be related to your business so it doesn’t cost you very much.

Another great way of making your contest more powerful is giving bonus entries when sharing it on social media. Also having a deadline. Your contest ends on such and such a date. With a deadline people will react quicker and your contest will be more successful. They don’t want to miss out.

If you want to do it yourself this is an extremely time-consuming. You have to figure out exactly all the steps and do it. You would need a separate landing page with your offer, you would need then a title describing, a deadline and a way people can opt in with their contact information.

If you decide to publish the contest yourself make sure things are super easy. Give them the opportunity to enter using their email but even simpler way is to subscribe using Facebook. Most people have a Facebook account so if you give them the opportunity to subscribe using their Facebook account this makes it super easy for them.

Your conversion rate should go higher the easier it is to subscribe. You have to think about the end user. If it is super simple and the offer is amazing they will enter.

Some other things you want to consider are a way to share your contest. If someone enters then they have the opportunity to earn more entries points by sharing it with their friends on all their social media accounts. Some ideas would be to get five bonus entries if you share this on Facebook.

Having bonus entries allows you to build your email list fairly cost-effectively. You don’t have to advertise your contests if people are sharing it. People will naturally share your contest to get more bonus points so it is kind of a viral effect without spending any money.

Finally you would need some sort of way to award the winner. There is a lot of good programs out there that do such a thing but it all takes time. You need to somehow couple of the contacts into the program and it will award the winner.

Another great way is to invest in a program that does all this for you. These are kind of hard to come by with an all-in-one solution but they can be found. If you find the right program hopefully within a few minutes your contest can be set up collecting emails and building your email list by growing your audience through viral giveaways.

Once you publish the contest you have to figure out how are you going to drive traffic to it. A great way to do that is to email your database of past and recent customers. This way they can share with their friends on all their social media properties.

Another way is to pay for advertising on platforms like Facebook. If you can start displaying your ads to related customers in your area and you have an irresistible contest you have the opportunity to build your email list quickly and fairly reasonably.

Another alternative you have is to get someone to do it for you. Most business owners are extremely busy so if you can get someone to do it for you then you don’t have to worry about it. This is a great way to get it done and hiring a professional is something less you have to worry about.

We can do this for you. For under $100 we can have your contest up and running in no time. After it is done then all the emails and contact information can be emailed to you. Better yet we can set up an email campaign for you so you can follow up with your customers.

If somebody enters your contest there is a good way they might purchase from you. If the offer is right these will be highly targeted potential leads and might spend some money with you in the future. If you can stay in contact with them especially in the following weeks after the contest is over there is a better opportunity for them to buy your product or subscribe to your services.

For instance if these leads are added to a follow-up campaign they will get emails over time keeping your business in front of them. If they have a problem or are looking for a solution they will think of you. Once your contest is over the long-term goal is to stay in front of your entries using email.

This is a great strategy to use if set up properly. It should be automated saving you time and making you tons of money.

You can email this list every month with a new contest. They could then share the contest on their social media platforms creating more customers for you. Your email list would skyrocket and so would your business.

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Why Do You Need to Capture Your Customers’ Information?

why having a database is a great marketing tool

If you consider your company’s marketing capabilities important, then customer data must be a priority. Without it, your marketing efforts may not be as effective as you might imagine. Capturing information about your customers is not difficult, and there are many tools to make the process a lot easier. If you have your customer’s contact info you can make yourself a ton of money.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to capture your customers’ contact information:

  1. Know your customer

In order to be successful as a business, you need to know your customers so well that you can predict what they want and provide it even before they ask. Database marketing, for instance, is only possible when you have an accurate history of their purchase history.

  1. You can offer personalized service and communication

Capturing customer information allows you to know who they are, when and how they purchase products. This can be used to design personalized communication and services that will make your customers feel valued. As a result, your efforts will better match their expectations, which will encourage customer loyalty.

  1. You can market to them

Existing customers are more likely to respond positively to direct marketing efforts, particularly when they have had a positive experience with your company. Email marketing is especially effective when you have already built a solid relationship with your customers. This also means that they will be more willing to make future purchases from your company.

  1. You can build customer segments

Obtaining your customer’s information also allows you to learn their purchase habits – what, when and how often they buy. With such information, you can build segments of customers with similar behavior and then design targeted marketing for them. For instance, you can determine which of your customers to offer incentives to as well as those willing to pay full price for your products or services.

Additionally, having their contact information allows you to easily follow and track one-time customers and convert them into loyal customers.

  1. You can maximize profits

You’re in business to make money, and having your customers’ information helps you do just that. It’s now common knowledge that making money off existing customers is much easier and profitable than from new customers. Generating business from new customers is expensive, which is why your existing pool of customers is your best bet at keeping your business afloat. Customer retention strategies such as email marketing are much easier, cheaper and effective.

Helpful tip: Be careful about asking for too much data from your customers, particularly when they are not making a purchase; this could alienate them. As a rule, ask for no more than three pieces of information at a time, and then aim to gather more during future interactions.

The goal of capturing customer information is to ensure your customers keep coming back to you. By identifying opportunities for continuity and using the information strategically, you can keep them reigned in for years to come.

If you would like expert advice or assistance on email marketing and database marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.